Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barquito Pizza Recipe

Cómo sacudirse el polvo de los siglos

day before yesterday. Plaza del Mercado. Twenties.
A must for dealers, buyers and showmen. This will collect all the carriers with the daily supply of the city.

Ayer. 1991.
Right Central Market. The canvas walls the left is preserved almost intact. hardly have undergone any transformation.


A Salamanca, before, on grounds of public adornment, you shake the dust of centuries! In Salamanca, before the reform, before the better, before the profane ... (it all comes to the same thing)! A Salamanca tomorrow!

Pedro Antonio de Alarcón. (writer),
Two days in Salamanca. Graficesa, Salamanca, 1975.

The two images B / N are scanned from the collection of plates: Yesterday and Today Salamanca 1991.


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